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Is it safe to remove moles with surgery?

so i have this kinda big mole on my bikini line and it kinda worries me a lot.. i wear hansaplast over it for about year and a half so nothing can happen to it... my mom told me that if something happens to the mole i can get skin cancer and now im freaked it safe to remove it with surgery?..

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    Yes, it's safe. It takes a doctor about 5 minutes to remove it. We usually send moles to pathology to be looked at just to rule out any cellular changes, but if it isn't changing, it's unlikely to be cancerous or pre-cancerous.

    Your mom is a little bit fuzzy on the whole cancer thing. SOME moles can turn into cancer. MOST do not. Here is a little slide show that the two of you can look at to get some facts on skin cancer.

    It's perfectly acceptable to get the mole removed for aesthetic reasons if you don't like it, or if it gets irritated by clothing.

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    Skin moles are generally growths which can manifest any place. These may be taken off through surgery treatment, or by using various products or natural home remedies.

    Surgical treatment is pricey, being from $150-400 and can cause some skin damage. Home cures are generally low cost and also may remove ugly moles within only a few days without having keloids.

    Homemade remedies can include onion, fresh juice from sour apples, or even baking soda and castor oil applied over a few days.

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