On average, how far does an elephant walk from a river?

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    Elephants, Loxodonta genus, typically walk between 3 - 15 miles each day, as they search for plant food and water. Some elephants have been reported to walk as far as 50 miles in search of food and water, although rare. Elephants consume 300 - 600 lbs (140 - 270 kg) of plant food each day (leaves, twigs, bark, roots, flowers, fruits, grasses and seeds) and 30 - 50 gallons of water.

    Most elephants live within approximately a 25 mile radius, in locations that have a direct water source and available trees and grasses to feed on. Elephants may live to 70 yrs old and beyond, the females and calves staying in close-knit families for most of their lives. The males will wander on their own, sometimes bonding with other lone elephant males, forming 'bachelor' herds. They will travel long distances and into larger areas when looking for a mate but (some) will return back with their bachelor pack soon after.

    During the dry season, elephants use their tusks (both male and female adult African elephants have tusks), to dig into the dry river beds for underground water sources..which is (sometimes) the only way that other animals (and humans) have access to water in some areas.

    The largest elephant was documented as weighing 12,000 kg (26,400 lbs), a male, in Angola. He was shot by poachers in 1974, sadly. Poachers have been stalking and killing elephants for their tusks and because of this all species of elephants have been placed on the endangered species list


    it is illegal to hunt (or harm) any elephant. Large fines, as well as prison is the price poachers pay for killing any protected elephant.

    African elephants have larger ears than Asian elephants, which are shaped like Africa. They are larger, have a concave back and less hair.

    There are reserves and sanctuaries for elephants who require rehabilitation (due to being attacked by humans), and assist baby elephants who've been orphaned (poachers having killed the Mum). One can adopt an elephant and receive information re: his/her progress and life. Adopting an elephant is a great way to assist the elephants globally, as well as help the conservation groups.

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