how to talk to her about 2nd base?

My girlfriend and i have been going out for 1.5 years and are both 17. I recently decided that i am ready to go further in our relationship, before now we have done no more then kiss so i am hopeing for 2nd base. Her parents are out of town so i know this is the best time since she is shy, and there is no way we can get caught. My question is how i do let her know, or what do i say to tell her that i want 2nd base? we cuddle often and stuff like that, but nothing sexually physical.

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    8 years ago
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    If she`s shy then she may not want to take it further, but if you think she`ll want to, then you could try a couple things. First you have to bring up to her that you want to have some alone time with her while her parents are out. If she says no, then leave it alone. If she says sure, then you can go over and just be as you normally are, cuddling and kissing. Then if you`re making out and things get a bit heated, you could try taking it further. If she stops you, leave it alone because she`s not ready.

    Good luck.

  • 8 years ago

    Agreed with "Shannon" :)

    Good Luck!!

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    this might help u

    ask her browse this together with you

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