How do I get over the shame of doing something so slútty..?

So I went to a nightclub last night, got a bit drunk (not like where I couldn't walk though), on the taxi-bus home, I sat beside this guy I know from around. We ended up making out and then he pulled his jeans down a bit & sort of pushed my head down.. Because I wasn't sober, I went along with it.. basically gave him a blowjоb.. there was other people on the taxi.. :( I know of 2 guys (his friends) who saw and I'd say more probably did but I couldn't be too sure. Either way, they'll probably hear about it.

I knew everyone on the taxi. Not friends but just people I know 'cause we're from the same area. I'm just so ashamed of doing that, I've never done anything like it before and never will again. I feel disgusting.. It's not his fault btw, he wasn't taking advantage or anything - I wasn't coming across as drunk. I just feel horrible knowing that whoever saw it now probably thinks I'm the biggest slút going. Once people think that..they never stop. How do I stop thinking about it and feeling so ashamed?

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Dear, I'm thinking this is a hard one to forget though I must admit,it was foolish of you giving a guy that you just knew from around your area a good *******,but really is embarrasing but lets hope time will heal this one and sooner or later everyone will forget, dont worry guys also give themselves blowjobs too by masturbating secretly ,so those two guys would probably understand,but please dont dwell on this for toolong or else it will eat you up alive

  • 8 years ago

    The is a hard one. It sucks that you did something like this. I hope that this wont come around again.

    In all seiousness though, you'll just have to wait this one out. Maybe stop drinking?

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