how many times will child support look for the other parent?

i went down to domestic relations and basically they couldnt find him cause they didnt have all his information ( s.s#) address and the important thing they only found him on fb and the date of birth. they told me they would contact me if they found something...that was July.6th do you think they still kept looking? if they didnt get anything the first time around?

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  • Jane
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    8 years ago
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    They don't stop looking. If he is off the grid for a while, they just can't trace him but he'll show up again as soon as he pays any tax, registers to vote, claims any welfare or gets involved with the police.

    July 6h is not a long time, people can disappear for months or even years, but Child support keeps looking so long as the child is still a child.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    So the only information the government has on this guy is a Facebook page? Girl, let's have a little talk about decisions.

  • 8 years ago

    Not sure what state you are in but to be honest if YOU want him found so he can pay you, I strongly suggest you do some leg work of your own...............there is you and hundreds of others that have no clue who or where baby daddy is, so how much time do YOU think they are going to spend on your case.

    This is the time to be proactive as until he is brought into court of served papers then he owes you nothing........and most states do NOT do retro cases when it comes to CS.

  • 8 years ago

    Were you two ever married - if so, his SS# is on your divorce paperwork. If you two were never married - then without the're screwed unless you can contact his parents and see if they have his SS#.

    Just a 'birth date' is NOT enough information. A SS# belongs to an individual for his or her entire life and is the ONLY way they can be found.

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  • Typically, Child Support offices will continue to pursue a non custodial parent until they are successful


  • I say make a fake fb account, Add him and try to persuade info. out of him. i.e. His address. or at least where he works..It's a start.

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