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Help I really need some advice PLEASE ? ?

Ok I liked this guy but kinda don't as much as I did before because I found he was a player. He trying to find ways to have sex with me again. I noticed alot about him ...

What I noticed about him:   

•he texts me on Sunday's to try an make plans for me to see him on Mondays   

•talk about sex to me alot   

•have excuses to have me come see him

Anyway he texted me good-morning yesterday, I didn't check my phone until noon. So I texted him good afternoon an he didn't never text me back at all. Is this a game or something he playing I don't get it ???

By the way, were not dating and we had sex twice.

Me and the other girl live on the same side of town, he won't come to see me but he would go to see the other girl. But I also found out he talk to another girl at his temporary summer job too being all nice to her looking into her eyes. I haven't talked to or seen him in 13 days. 

When I lived on his side of town he would break his neck to see me, but ever since I moved it was excuses.

I also think the other girl that he had worked with for summer, she probably taking my place for what the dumb things I did (giving him sex) it seem like it cause she said it seem like they dating but they not and how dreamy he is; an he still go all the way on this side of town to see the main girl, and how his love for the main girl is real.

Btw he is single & i don't know why bit I want him to get caught up it's jus so frustrating how the girls don't put 2 and 2 together like I did.

What do you guys think?   

Should I tell him how I feel?

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    YES. It's always the smartest to be honest;) Good luck!

  • 8 years ago

    Tell the other girls + give them a way to see for themselves

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