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My ping has suddenly increased?

A few days ago I had a ping of 15ms (seen on But since a few days ago my ping has increased to 280-460ms (seen on I figured it must have been a virus as there were other signs, so I went ahead and did a reinstall as I wanted to clean my computer of files anyway. I checked again after it was all complete and I was still getting ping of 280-460ms. My little brother, who shares the same connection as I, only gets a ping of 15ms.

My brothers pc and my own are exactly the same; parts, tower, everything. Nothing has changed regarding our pc's at all, but my ping has suddenly shot up a lot whereas his has remained the same. I've reset the modems, I even swapped our ethernet cables around to see if there was a problem with my cable, but the results were the same. Anyone got any ideas on how to sort this out?

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    Sounds like it's your onboard ethernet adapter (if that's what you're using to connect online).

    They are very cheap, around $15 I'd say, and are easy to put in.

    Charles, a high ping time is not good, because that means you are waiting longer for information to be sent and received.

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    why????????? r u complaining, most people would be jumping for joy, maybe u got assigned a static IP

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