How to stop prohibited attractions to people I'm not allowed to have feelings for?

This is going to sounds completely stupid and ridiculous because the answer that springs to my mind is to just keep quiet and get over it, but lately I've been continually experiencing feelings towards people that I can't really have feelings for.

These people are, for example, my close friends, who all happen to be best friends with my ex boyfriend, which means they are obviously in the black zone, and people who have girlfriends.

I seem to have rather massive connections to these people, which is fine and dandy, but then I realise that maybe it's not just a friendship connection, and because of my relationship with these people, I feel I should talk to them about it.

About .5 of a second after thinking about speaking to them, I realise that it's obviously a completely ridiculous idea, and now I'm just at a place where these feelings are extremely inconvenient, and actually making me feel really lonely.

I know there isn't really an answer, but any help would be pretty great.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Really it's all about self control and mental toughness.

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