Besides "Dressing the baby" What other games to play at a Baby shower?

wish list Bibs for Mom N dad 2 B,cappias,5 "winner" medals, 2 "winner medals (Best bib designer), 5 rolls tape, 5 rolls toilet tissue,Accordion baby bottle, rattle/diaper Pin, Decorative Cake center piece made from diapers, Napkins, six folding chairs,forks, cake cutter,Ice, broom & dust pan, garbage bags, dolly guest book, more paper towels,2 "Judge" baby bonnets, play pen. They R having it in the Park.

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    8 years ago
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    Guess what baby food, just peel off labels on jar. Take several diapers and melt different chocolate candy in them like milky way, snickers, hershey, any popular chocolate and everyone has to smell and look and taste to guess whats in it.You can hand everyone clothes pins or safety pins and whoever catches a person saying "baby" or "mommy" takes that safety pin and the person to collect all or with the most wins a prize.

    Guess your weight. Guess how many sheets of toilet paper can go around you. Put little baby's in ice inside a cup and whoever melts theirs the fastest wins. Pin the sperm on the egg game. Buy a bunch of white onesies and have everyone decorate them with fabric markers.

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