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my cat bit a young wild rabbit?

Ok so he gave him a huge skin deep cut on his leg. My cat was just having him in his mouth, possibly trying to eat him? I don't know but I saved him. The bunny is young but he's old enough to walk and eat on his own. Should I release him back into the forest near us later? Or keep him for a few days until his cut gets better? We put this antidisinfectant that foams when infected, I forgot what its called. The bunny seems pretty calm but probably extremely shocked. We have him in a box right now. Or should I just call the shelter and ask them advice?

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    8 years ago
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    Keep him in the house a little bit longer because you need to calm it down before you change hi place again

  • Kristy
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    8 years ago

    He may die of shock not being in his normal environment. Animals get sick in the wild all the time and many recover. Now that you put disinfectant on it, Id let him go. But if you let him go in a different location then where he normally goes ( just to keep hi away from your cat), he will not survive either, being in different territory, while he is still sick and vulnerable. So its kind of a toss up 50/50. I hate to say it, but the few times my cat has caught baby bunnies, I decided to let him finish it off then to interrupt the struggle. I think a quick death is better than letting it suffer and go into shock if I break it up. Its awful, but those of us who let our kitties outside know what we are getting into. If you keep the bunny for now, get it some dark green lettuce.

  • 8 years ago

    I would call the shelter and ask, they may know of a place near you for wounded wild animals. Cats are one of the bunnies worst preditors, so if you release him, go far enough in the woods so your cat will not attack him again.

  • 8 years ago

    If he can walk and eat on its own, let it go.

    If he gets used to the "easy life" he will have trouble going back to the wilderness.

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