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what is your prediction about india vs netherlands field hockey match in olympics?

india field hockey to face netherlands. is any indian even following this?


should dharamvir singh have been selected after all the problems he has?

Update 2:

match is tomorrow and i plan to watch it on tv

Update 3:

being hiv positive, should dharamvir singh have been selected?

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    I just hope you're real among all the fakes who throng this section all day.

    Yes, India will have a very tough time facing Netherlands. An 8-time Olympic Gold Medalist, India since the 1990s has had a poor run in Hockey. I don't expect and Indian victory, but a good fight put up by the Indian players will make it a day for the Indian fans!

    It is indeed extremely sad to see the position of Indian Hockey today. From days of its comprehensive dominance of this sport, it has reached a point of comprehensive humiliation. Cricket has never brought India the laurels that Hockey did during the 5 decades of Indian dominance! Hockey needs to be revived. The BCCI must increase it revenue funding to such lesser sports and guide their administrations to make hockey as widespread and successful in India as cricket.

    As for your HIV question. I don't think HIV should have anything to do with a person's inclusion. If he's fit to play, he should!

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  • Sandra
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    5 years ago

    Hard time for India...They have to win this match...but Germany is the defending champions...Hope so Indians do a lot of practice and a bit luck supports them to win this match..Cheers India

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    Both have good teams,but I think Netherlands would have to be favourites to win.HIV will not hurt anyone he comes in contact with.There is only one way to pass it on,exhange of body fluids.

  • 8 years ago

    My best wishes to Indian team. As Nobbs said, it would be an interesting tussle for both the teams.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    May be Netherlands will...

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Field hokey? Is this a real sport?

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