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How soon do pregnancy symptoms show? ?

Okay, so on July 16, I had sex. According to my phone I began ovulating on the 23 of July (a week after having sex) but then according to a much more reliable source it said I began ovulation on the 22 of July and I'm aware that sperm can live up to a week. The guy I had sex with said that he didn't come, but I'm like 90% positive he did. Also I'm 17 so I know I'm more fertile. This past week I've noticed some differences in my body like that I'm peeing a lot more, my boobs hurt, I'm tired, and I have slight cramping, and spotting too. I'm not to get mg period for a couple weeks so I know its not PMS related. Although its probably too soon, I thought maybe these could be related to conception. I also found that symptoms like I mentioned could begin the week I concieved, which would be this week. Tell me what you think. What are the odds of me being pregnant?

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    My symptoms started at 6 weeks pregnant.

    The only symptoms I had before 6 weeks were implantation spotting and implantation cramping.

    You could be pregnant. Take a test once you are late on your period or miss it completely.

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    You usually get symptoms 6-8 weeks in. It's proven that if you think too much of being pregnant, you'll actually experience symptoms of pregnancy. Try not to stress

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    Usually around 6 weeks, after the pregnancy is well established. You could be pregnant already but unfortunately I dont know of any pregnancy test that works this early in your cycle. All you can do is wait.

    Best of luck.

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