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Am I ready to move on?

I split up from my boyfriend 2 months ago and I haven't been with anyone since. I've had an offer to go around to a male friend's house tonight where there is a possibility of something happening between us. I'm not looking for a relationship from him, just some fun. However I don't know if I am ready to sleep with someone else.

I think this could be a chance for me to start to move on from my ex. Should I go or not? :S

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    Well part of it is morals, are you ok with a one night stand? If the answer is no, than theres your answer. If the answer is yes than you also need to ask yourself is this other guy expecting more or does he know its just fun? If he isnt than go back to question one. If he is expecting more than you need to think about your previous relationship. Personally when I broke up with my ex about a month ago it took me a couple weeks before I could even really consider going out with another girl, and now a month later Im thinking about it more, but I still occasionally feel like if she was willing to try to than even though everyone said she was bad for me (and after Id broken up I was able to clearly see that better for myself) I loved her and so I might go out with her again. You can also look at the adage "If you have to ask..." since youre not sure if youre ready that could mean youre not, and atleast in my case Iv done alot of thinking and feel like I have sufficiently moved on enough for a new relationship and you should probably do alot of deep thinking too.

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    is this a question that we really can answer?? I never knew that people move on by having fun with a new guy... you can move on without have a new thing with another guy. I don't know your choice

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    if you ready you can go ahead.

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