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are home made rabbit condos durable?

Has anyone built any rabbit condos from wire cubes such as c&c cages or NIC cubes with zip ties or plastic holders. I want to build one for 3 rabbits, i doubt that it will fall apart ?

anyone who has build one, explain to me your results?

also, my rabbits like to shake the cage a lot when they want to come out, so would a home made wire cage be enough for them to live in.

answer these questions

1. How much weight can a wire cubes cages hold?

2. It is possible that a home made cage can collapse in some way?

3. which cubes should i use?

4. should i used zip ties or the small plastic knobs?

5. about how many rabbits can the wire cube cage hold?

6. do you think its strong enough to hold a human?

7 does it rust?

8. is it shaky because rabbits like to run a lot and play?

9 what should i use as a floor that is comfortable and not slippery for them? i don't want to use wire floors or grids because i heard it can hurt their feet.

what else do i need to know about home made wire cages?

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    This site has a ton of links for NIC rabbit cage suggestions and instructions:

    *Note that they do warn about using grids with large holes; make sure to use NIC grids that have 1" holes, no bigger.

    These cages do need a good design so they can easily support the bunnies' weight, both with the rabbit sitting on shelves in the cage, or when they stand and lean against the sides.

    You could go with a sheet of plywood for the floor and cover it with linoleum, and cover that with carpet (as long as your bunnies don't chew the carpeted area). Use litter boxes filled with a soft bedding (not wood shavings; pelleted wood bedding is good...and if you have a local feed store, buy the type used for horses, they are infinitely cheaper). Hopefully with whatever you do build, the rabbits will still get playtime outside the cage, as they do love to explore and run. NIC cages don't rust (you are constructing this for indoor use, I'm assuming...NIC cages cannot be used outdoors).

    The beauty of NIC cages is that they are not only cheaper than a regular cage, but you can construct them to any size/style. Have fun with it!

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  • Joe
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    8 years ago

    I have not used NIC cubes but I use something just like that. Dogs playpens work good. I got mine for 20 bucks new at a garage sail but usally exceed 60-90 dollars. So NIC condos work just as good and alot cheaper unless you find a playpen for 20 bucks like I did.

    1. Alot

    2. Yes unless you make it really secure

    3. NIC

    4. Zip Ties

    5. As many depending on the size

    6. On the second floor NO!

    7. No

    8. No.

    9. Shower Curtain.

    Here is a link on a video on how you can make one.

    How to build it

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • 4 years ago

    These are some of my favourites that keep my binnies entertained: Paper mobile: Get a strip of solid cardboard on poke holes along it tear some thin paper into strips and poke them through the holes on the cardboard. It looks like a strange flat octopus... the bunnies lov tearing and nibbling the paper strips... mine bite them and run through the paper wall. Stuffed toilet roll: Take an empty toilet paper roll and stuff the inside with timothy hay! Quick, easy and they love getting the hay out and rolling it around. Rattler: Small plastic soda bottle with the lid off. Put a little grain or pellets in the bottle and put it in the cage! It will make a rattling sound when they roll it around plus pellets will fall out occassionally (you can also use diced fruit/veg)

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