Ebay item not as described case - tracking shows delivered but seller denied?

Last week I ordered a brand new Nintendo 3DS and when I got the package, inside was a broken PS Vita that couldn't turn on. I immediately contacted the seller about this problem and the seller ignored me for 2 days straight. I then contacted Ebay customer support team and opened a dispute. The seller answer back in the dispute claiming he sent the right thing and that I'm "scamming" him. Then I responded to the seller in the dispute stating that he is a liar and I took pictures of the broken PS vita and videotaped the unboxing of the package. I also sent the photos and videos to eBay the day afterwards. On that same day the seller responded, I escalated to a claim and Ebay favored on ym side and provided me a prepaid shipping label and asked me to ship the package back to the seller within 7 days. I did that and yesterday's night the tracking for the package said "delivered" on UPS.com. I contacted the seller 3 hours and stating that the tracking said "delivered" at his house last night and he denied me by telling me to "F**k off" and there's no package DESPITE tracking said "DELIVERED"! Will I still get refunded by Ebay/PayPal??? I paid $244.88 for the original purchase so I'm assuming I didn't need signature confirmation??? Or did I? Am I covered by Ebay Buyers Protection Program?! Please help me out as I'm worrying and think I have a heart attack at any moment!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Report him directly to ebay, You will be credited.

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