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Is there a quicker way?

Is there any quick adoption? I have a week old child, im to young to take care for it. The father doesnt want nothing to do with it. I need this child gone, now. No rude comment, yes if I didnt want a kid, I shouldnt have have sex but people make mistakes and I was on birth control. Im just not ready. If you have nothing nice to say then dont answer.

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    Adoption agencies have qualified couples that are waiting. They can send you profiles and match you within a small amount of time to the couple of your choice. It can be an open or semi-open adoption so that you can get photos and information about the baby for the rest of their lives. Couples that choose open adoption understand that children will always want to know you and will have a great respect for you and your choice. Call 800-adoption.

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    You always have the option to contact SRS and have them put the child in foster care and then the child will get adopted by a family probably within a month or so. Then there is also the option at dropping the child off at a hospital, police office, or a fire station but the child will still end up in a foster care home. The next option you have is going through a private adoption agency I don't know all the details or logistics of that so you would have to look into that yourself. I understand what type of position you are in right now, and you will most definitely be in my prayers.

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    Contact an agency and be honest about what's going on. They won't make you take the baby back home if you don't want to. There are foster families on call 24/7 to take the baby until the adoptive family is identified (by you, if you so choose).

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    If you have an adoptive family present they can take over the care of the child while the process of adoption was in progress (the process can begin Monday and you in the meantime are free). Or, without that, most states have a law that allows you to give up your child at safe places, into the hands of a doctor or nurse at a hospital, to a firefighter or EMT at a fire station, a police officer at a police station, and the rest will be taken care of no questions asked.

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    Look for a couple thts been trying for a child or looking for a surrohate! Myself along with many gurls are in search of a child! Me and mu man have been trying ( looking) for 2 years! U can make sum1 very happy by giveing them the gift of a child! Any questions... Plz email me!!

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    Contact your local social services department, they will help you.

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