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Can humans create a brand new universe if they learn the magic words from God?

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    God alone has that sort of power (to speak such things into existence), we do not. The power matters, the words do not.

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    No they cannot,Because they need my permission to use those instructions.-Jesus Christ

    For greater fullness of graces and greater glory in heaven,

    Pray the Holy Rosary for world peace and for all of Gods children to pray the Holy Rosary,and here is a blessing and a loving hug from God for you all.

    Explore and discover the many gifts of APPARITIONS that God has sent to show you the way into heaven.

    The Holy Family.

    Source(s): The Holy Apostle James the Greater
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    Hello Artistic!!!

    The magic word of God is love. Do you love?

    - Starting the lighting work of our own soul?

    This effort must begin with individual self-control, to discipline the selfish feelings and lower, with the quiet work of exterminating the creature by its own passions.

    In particular, we can not ignore the knowledge acquired by other souls who preceded us in the struggles of the Earth, with its sanctifying experience - pure water of consolation and hope that we can drink in the pages of his memoirs and the testimony of sacrifice that left the world.

    However, knowledge is the door that will lead us to a friend reasoning purer because, in the final reform of our hearts, it is essential to strike the proper action in the sense that we model our inner sanctum, the holy light of life.

    Once you are visited by any kind of suffering, seeks to discover what message you bring, the reason that it contains, you autoanalisando providing you with your acceptance.

    He does not is imposed by the laws, but results of his disrespect to them, now you summon the remake of conduct that needs correction.

    Remains committed to grow in the direction of God, transforming the sufferings that are essential to your lighting steps of ascent and field of inner freedom, in joy and in peace.

    Source(s): The Comforter Paper - (O Consolador - Emmanuel)
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    We aren't Gods so no! There is only one God! Jesus Christ the living God! Or if you'd rather NO don't be silly!

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