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'm 17 years old (will be 18 next month) and graduated with a average of 80 percent in all subjects with a 96 in Algebra 1. I applied to study medicine in both my country and the Netherlands but was not accepted due to the fact that they now only take 80 students a year instead of 150 I am now considering medical school in the Us which states have the best medical schools and considering money won't be a problem what is the easiest way to study in the US any short cuts ? or tips from former foreign doctors ?? or advice thank you

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Yes I have heard that you must first do a undergrad year before you can even study to be a doctor but considering the fact that if I were accepted to my university or one in Europe i would only have to study in total 4-6 years to be a doctor and i wouldn't have to do a undergrad i could just start medical school fresh out of high school Could SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS ???

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    As far as I know, there is no way to go straight to medical school from high school in the US. You must do a regular undergraduate degree and then apply to medical school. In Europe, you can do a specific medicine degree that takes about seven years I think, but it's cheaper than the US and it's a bit faster.

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    You must have a four year Bachelor degree and take the MCAT exam to apply to any US Medical school. VERY few US medical schools accept international students, and those that do, accept very few of them.

    NO, you can not apply to any US medical school direct from high school. You must have a Bachelor degree.

    Medical school tuition alone will be $40,000+ per year.

    Student in the US are in high school till the age of 18. they then go on to college to earn a four year Bachelor degree. They then can go on to Grad schools-

    College/university = same thing in the US

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