My sons dla has been hugely reduced yet his condition is for life and we do the same if not more for him as we did 3 years ago when he was awarded hi/hi rates.

He has to go to tribunals every single time,except the last time when there own doctor was stunned and did a good report and he got hi/hi rates

Recently it got reduced to vertually nil...but they have contradicted everything on the form...its like the form wasnt even read..we said he needs help dressing/washing/bathing etc and they said he doesnt..

We have sent a letter asking to reconsider but i made a complaint as well because every single time we have to go to tribunals just to prove our case...one time we were made to go even though our son was in a wheelchair and had a halo screwed into his head. It was a certainty this would happen again,just to make us go back to the tribunal...even though our son was born with his disability and it will never change,he will always need help. plus its very stressful

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    8 years ago
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    I'm in America, so I already know our systems and out governments are different. I also know when we contact our federal politicians, they tend to want to help their constituents. For us, it's best to contact our Senators. Do you know which government official has the highest level of abilities over you. (Like our Senator deals with stuff in his district, while our President would do nothing about personal requests.) Can you contact that official to see if you can straighten this out? Those officials pay for that service, so the service tends to bend over backwards when the politician makes a request.

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    8 years ago

    Have you had help from the C.A.B,or local law centre?

    I'm having a hell of a time with my ESA.

    'Dispatches' on Monday night,is about the con of the benefits system.might be worth a watch.

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