Ex Bf's roommate? What do I do?

I dated this man for 3 and a half years, almost four and he broke up with me a month ago in the worst way possible and stabbed me in the back. It really hurt, but I'm trying to move on.

Of course we dated for so long that there were no more of "his friends" and "my friends" but it became "our" friends...so our friend, and ex bf's roommate asked if I'd like to hang out at the house.

At first I said no because I said I didn't want any drama. But then our friend said the ex bf was out of town for a week, and this past month I've been kind of lonely trying to make new friends because our mutual friends kind of make me uncomfortable because I fear 'he said she said' drama. So to hear that one of our mutual friends still wanted to hang out, and that he was out of town, I thought it was a great idea.

So I go over, we hang out, and then his roommate started to put his arm around me and kept guiding the conversation toward sex. It was awkward, I pretended to ignore it, and then he started mentioning that if I needed comfort or ever wanted to relax as 'two mature adults' to let him know...and then he kept asking if I wanted to make out or have sex... So I left.

I don't know if he was thinking I would be into revenge sex or what ("you broke up with me so I'm going to sleep with your roommate to hurt you") ...but even if my ex bf was a backstabbing and hurtful asshole, I am never going to be like him and I don't carry relationships with traitors.

After all this ranting, the real question is what now? Do I get into contact with my ex and attempt to tell him, so he knows that his roommate cannot be trusted in his future relationships?

I know my stupid ex doesn't deserve such a courtesy, but I try my best to do the right thing in any situation I can, as best I can...is it really the right thing to tell my ex, or is it the wrong thing and will create problems?


I guess you're right, it's just that I know if one of my friends hit on an ex less than a month after a break up I'd be pretty pissed.

Update 2:

Especially some sneaky sneaky roommate

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  • 8 years ago
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    And why can't this guy be trusted? You are not dating your ex, and during the 3 and a half years did he ever hit on you? You are fair game for any guy who wishes to attempt to date you.

    You are better off never speaking to this ex again.

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