Question to Steve Madden handbag owners, help?

I went to Burlington Coat Factory for the first time and found a Steve Madden bag. It said MSRP: 108.00 on the tag and on sale for 39.99 (I figured it must be a discontinued style). Now, normally I'm wear Coach or Michael Kors and I've been able to spot knock off coach bags very easily, as well as Louis Vuitton knock offs. When I got the SM bag home I became, skeptical. I found another online like it with the same colors but there are few changes (i.e. there is no zipper in the front). It has the Steve Madden logo name plate and even printed on the buttons and zippers. There is a tag inside that says made in China. But I get the feeling that it's a knock off. I don't know maybe I'm just used to leather feel in Coach and Michael Kors. How do you spot a fake Steve Madden? Or is Steve Madden really not that high end. After all I've seen them in Macy's for at least 100.00. Thanks.

This is the one I found online:

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    8 years ago
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    Spot one via determining the texture of the product... If it's not really made in cotton, that clothing is fake...

    Good luck!

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    6 years ago

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