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Does anyone else from the UK find that Siri on the iPhone just doesn't work properly?

For me, it doesn't understand what I say. it makes mistakes more often than it is worth. Even text dictation is a struggle to get it to put what i say. I personally don't think that Siri has very much English language support.

It all seems to be set up for america. America has access to (what I am guessing) is the full power of Siri - it understands American accents and responds to their speech. Here in the UK though there is NO regional language support and it doesn't understand any dialect (other than basic plain proper english)

This is my experience of Siri and I am interested in what yours is. Do you agree with me or disagree with me?

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  • Joseph
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    It understands me the majority of the time and I rarely have to correct it but when I first bought it, half the time it was wrong

    The more you speak to it, the better it becomes.

    If you say something and it gets it wrong and the little blue line comes under what you said, tap it and then correct it and it'll improve its future accuracy.

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    I am from the us and no i dont think siri works very well for me either. The only time i ever use it is to make phone calls, like call mom. And even them most of the time it doesnt understand me. I never use it to text it always puts in really weird words and i have to correct anyways.

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    Of course it is set up to prefer a generic American accent.

    Do you realize how many alternate pronunciations, accents, and cadences there are in the English language? Engineers at an American company are, of course, going to know and understand American accents and language standards more than they are going to understand European variants.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes i 100% agree i have a mansfield accent and heavily deep voice and it always gives me what i dont want 'play music by .....' ok now ring mum, ahhhhh

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    I think you're still just butthurt about how we left.

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