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Potty training outdoor dogs?

I just got 2 puppies. They are to be outdoor dogs, but will be confined to a large veranda area sometimes. I don't have a crate and am looking for suggestions to potty train them to use a certain area outside. Also, is a 7x25 foot veranda too big to let them roam around in when I am not directly watching them?

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    You'll have to start with house/crate training. In order to teach him a specific place to toilet, be it just outside in general, or in a specific location, you must first control of all toileting efforts. That means watching him very closely anytime he is awake.

    About every two hours, half an hour after each meal, when he first wakes, and after exercise or play, take him to the designated potty area on a leash. Stand there, holding the leash being as boring as you can possibly be. Give it at least five minutes. If he toilets there, great! Give him lots of genuine praise and a treat. If not, take him back in for 15 minutes and crate him (so he can't toilet anywhere else) then try again. Repeat until he actually does go.

    Each time the dog toilets someplace other than the designated area, you decrease the likelihood he will learn to go in the right place. It's a lot of work, whether toilet training for living in a house or for going in a specific location. In fact it's the same amount of work, so you might as well house break him while you are at it. Some day he might be sick, injured, or elderly and need to become a house dog. Or you might have terrible weather and need to bring him in to keep him safe. It's just prudent to house train him regardless.

    If you try to just pen him up and let him toilet in the pen without supervision, you'll end up with a dog very undiscriminating about where he toilets. They come prewired not to soil the area where they sleep. If you take advantage of that inclination it makes toilet training much easier in the long run. If you break it (the desire not to soil where they sleep or eat) then toilet training becomes much more difficult or even impossible.

    Expect the process to take at least a month and more likely two.

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