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will pigging out for one day make you fat?

okay so yesterday, i hung out with a bunch of my friends and went WAY over my daily caloric intake. this is what i had:


a bowl of oatmeal

a boiled egg

4 cherries


sandwich made with 2 slices of whole wheat bread, turkey breast, lettuce, cheese, tomato, and pickle

crystal light sweet tea

(this is where the pigging out starts)


cheetos (like 20-30)

Chinese peanut candy thing

crystal light sweet tea


2 slices Domino's pepperoni/green pepper pizza

1 Ling ling's eggrolls




bowl of ice cream

2 bowls of Chex/Special K cereal w/ 1 cup milk

i usually consume 1300-1400 calories a day, and that was like 2000 (and maybe over). will i get fat?

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    If you have a strong metabolism that method could work.. but yes, you will get fat

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    LOL DONT LISON TO VEGETA hes or shes a dumb azz lison you wont gain anything. pigging out for a day is called CHEAT days all celebs and people who are trying to lose weight do it basically you diet for the week and on saturday you can eat what ever your heart desires the next day (monday) you continue your diet. have have been doing this for a month and i have lost weight because. dieting everyday your body will get used to it but when you have a cheat day YOU SHOCK your system and it will raise your metabilism so have a cheat days every sunday if you want more info google cheat days

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    8 years ago

    Once a while it's ok but yes, obviously you will get fat in the long run if you do it regularly.

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