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Stocking for 180....?

Black Ghost Knife-1


Bala Shark-5

Blood Parrot Cichlid-3

Tiger Barb-20

Banded Leporinus-6

I would also like to add silver dollars and tinfoil barbs but because I want this to be a planted tank I don't think that will work.



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  • Dan M
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    8 years ago
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    Assuming that you don't have a large sump planned for this tank, lose the bala sharks, all 5 of them. They will get too big for this tank . Sometimes you find easy going ones and then a group of them would be fine, but most of the time, they are too frenetic and possessive to be compatible with slower fish. I have put them in a 330 gallon tank with a large sump on the other side of the wall, with peacock African cichlids and they did quite well, possibly getting slightly bigger than the 13" full grown size. Before putting them in, I grew them up in a 125 so they could be big enough to defend themselves from the cichlids. That also provides a chance to evaluate the fish for their personality.

    I see you have dropped the Ctenopoma acutirostre (African spotted fish). That was the right thing to do because they are not aggressive and wait for their food to come to them. Their pattern allows them to blend in to most rock work.

    If you start with tiger barbs and give them time to grow before adding larger fish, they can survive quite a while, one or two disappearing periodically until they are all gone.

    PS I think the key word "stocking" put this question into the Christmas category.

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