Can iPad malware infect Windows laptop/PC or Android smartphone malware infect iPad tablet (Cross Infection)?

Since people tend to use devices based on diverse operating systems and platforms (say Apple iPad, Android smartphone and Windows laptop) what are the chances of "cross-OS infection" when you transfer files between these multiple devices? Have there been any such instances? I'm trying to get an idea about cross infection since I was told by my IT security expert that it's a possibility. I run a small business network with specific permissions for devices along with authentication modules for security. I would like to know more about tablet-phone-PC security so that I can manage the setup better. iPad and Windows laptops are my main devices on the network. While it's true that I could reduce the number of devices, this is usually not possible beyond a certain level.

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    Usually, malware infection targets a specific platform unless, of course, the same malware has been written, compiled and distributed on multiple platforms.

    And since we are talking about the possibility of cross-OS infection between electronic devices, there actually have been two such instances in 2012 (though thankfully, it was detected and neutralized soon). One instance was about a "Find and Call" sms worm that was present on both the Apple App store and the Google Android marketplace. This happened in early July 2012:

    The other was a Windows malware discovered on July 26, not on PC software websites but curiously enough in the Apple store. While it wouldn't have infected your iPad, iPhone or other iOS devices, it could have infected Windows:

    When you have multiple devices and operating systems on a single network (be it personal, wi-fi, 3G/4G, corporate or even enterprise network), it pays to have a uniform security policy and a centralized access key that authenticates the flow of information across the network. If iPad is the primary device on your network then VPN encryption should help in hardening the security setup:

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    Generally speaking viruses do not cross platform as they are exploiting operating system flaws, that said there is the possibility of an infection within the kernel of a cross platform program (eg flash, or Safari or IE), this is unlikely to occur in open source programs like firefox since there are so many people working to avoid this type of thing.

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    I don't think mobile viruses are common. And never use a business computer for personal use, if it does get a virus, your information is at a greater risk.

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    Yeah.. just about everything is hackable

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