would you please list 10 sentence structures that are different in structure?

Could you give me 10 sentence structures that are different in structure?

Later I'll ask a Chinese Bilingual buddy to translate them and then I will memorize them. After memorizing them and the tone/pronunciation I'll change the nouns, verbs, adj, adv to be able to learn and use new vocabulary and my language skills will leap forward.

Some example sentences are --- Yesterday the small lovely cat enjoyed eating the large smelly fish!

The lovely child spent most of the day before yesterday and today studying ___________ in his room.

The clever cat saw the eager dog hiding behind the door through the crack in the doorway.

Never put more spice on another persons food than you are able to eat yourself, you might have to eat it!

When you can pass a TOEFL exam with a score of 80 you might be accepted at the College you wish to go to.

I am looking for sentences showing placement, I can change the tenses in my exercises, and also conditionals.

I am not in a hurry, quality is what counts.

I am self studying Chinese, someone will translate the sentences and I will then memorize them!


Well my question was answered but I was hoping for some actual sentences or an example!

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