Okay read this theory about tobi, i seriously believe this is true?

Okay so tobi is kagami, my theory. As we know kagami and tobi have similar hair style. I think when kyuubi attacked the village, it was kagami posing as tobi. And later on, due to old age he was about to die. Until suddenly he stumbled accross zetsu, who was at the time healing obito. Kagami asked obito if he could take over his body, and he will use his body to bring forth great change to the world.I think obito agreed, and when kagami took over his body he gained all of his memories and powers. Thats why he knows so much about kakashi and guy, also thats why kakashis kamui cant effect him. Because like the amaterasu how one eye creates it and the other extinguishes it. One eye starts the kamui and the other extinguishes it. I cant be bothered adding the other small details, but thats my theory now please by all means tell me if im wrong.

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  • 8 years ago
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    WOW! Good theory I hadn't thought of that one... But for me I see Tobi as Madara Uchiha :/ that seems to fit for me. What with age and timing.

    However your theory is good, I shall really think twice about Tobi now aha! :)

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