Guys?do you get this feeling too?

When im alone and bored i used to think about my girlfriend!! sometimes,i get a feeling that she will leave me!! but I know that she loves and cares about me and she had never cheated or lied to me! but I get that weird feeling when I'm alone and when she got late to reply my messages!! do you guys get this feeling too?? if not, how can I get rid of that??? please take this seriously!! it hurts me alot!!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes. I have the same problem, what I did was to talk to my girlfriend about how I felt and she told me not to worry. The best thing here to do would be to sit down and talk to your girlfriend and be honest about how you feel and trust me she'll understand and comfort you. Sometimes the best person to tell a relationship problem is the person your in a relationship with:) hope this helped.


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