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Which video game(s) should I purchase?

I have selected a few games that I'm interested in and would like to know which one(s) I should go for.

a) Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - I have never played any of the other games from the Elder Scrolls series, but I absolutely love RPGs, massive free-roam worlds, and the setting.

b) Batman: Arkham Asylum and/or City - My favorite "hero" is definitely the Dark Knight so this is definitely high up on my video game list.

c) Bioshock - A fairly old game, but I've played the demo and enjoyed it. It's a very interesting premise, but I don't know if it's for me.

d) Fallout 3 or New Vegas - The same goes for this game as it does for Bioshock: a very cool premise, but still not sure if it's for me.

A note about Fallout and Skyrim: These games are on my list because of their open world gameplay experiences but I'm not entirely sure if I should by them because I feel that a plot and a storyline are just as important as the world you play in and I don't really know if there is a defined plot in either of them based on the reviews of seen.

Please just take some time to tell me your experiences with any of the above games so that I can make a decision. Thank you.

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    Well...1st, if you're a BatFan like me you HAVE to play the Arkham games! Amazing in every way and the stories are as good as any of the Comics...the fighting is simply beautiful full of classic Batman moves and as a fan you'll love all the little touches that only those really familiar with the Characters can fuly appreciate.

    Skyrim is great...the Main Story Arcs are a bit loose but there are a ton of smaller stories scattered throughout the Gameworld...BUT...

    You may enjoy Fallout: New Vegas a bit more. I found the main Story to be a bit tighter than Skyrim and the smaller Stories range from funny to really disturbing. With the 4 story-based DLCs that are now in the GOTY or Ultimate Edition or whatever it's called I got over 320 hours of playtime on one playthrough and wasn't ever bored.

    Bioshock I haven't played.

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    Hi I own new Vegas and skyrim these are what I can tell you bout these games. Skyrim: great big open world never ending game full of endless fun 600+ hours many different quests and equipment. Fallout new Vegas: this game is a lot harder for a Bethesda game and can only play once then you must restart or reload a save, shorter gameplay and overall a bad story. What I've heard: batman Arkhangelsk asylum is apparantly great, bio shock not as great thank you.

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    i am a fan of both the elder scrolls series and fallout series and have thousands of hours into each of the short,skyrim is a good game but not the best in the series,that would go to morrowind game of the year.even though its older it is much better and can be played on pc or xbox 360 if you have the update for regular xbox games.sorry no ps3 version on this for fallout new vegas and fallout 3,both great games but i do prefer new could check out youtube for game play videos for any of these games to see if that helps you to decide.hope this helps

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    I have heard great things about A, C and D. I have played batman arkham asylum and started arkham city. I have to say that the gameplay, graphics and features in them both are exceptional. I especially love how there are areas where you take out the guards one by one and they get all scared. Anyway, hope this helped. I'm a game reviewer and I run my own review blog. Check it out for more reviews.

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    Skyrim, it is the most breath taking game ever made, you wont regret it, i dont know how you cant love this game :)

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    ive only played skyrim i wouldnt recomened it, it freezes alot cause its to big, and if it freezes you may have to reset your whole console and wipe all your save games. (like i had to)

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    Skyrim! :D

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