Thinking of moving to Portugal?

I am planning to move out of the country for 1 year. to take a break from life. I was looking into moving to Portugal my grandfather is from Portugal and I would like to move there with my family for a year. What is the cost of living there? Is it hard to find a job for someone who doesnt speak Portuguese? What is a nice area I can move into, what is the average rent cost for a house or apartment? Ive been trying to look online but havent found a good website to get this information from. Any information will be apreciated. Thank you :)

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  • Orla C
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    8 years ago
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    If is not possible to stay in Portugal for longer than 3 months if you're not an EU national, it doesn't matter how many grandparents you have from Portugal. You might be able to qualify for Portuguese nationality if you meet certain conditions, but you should investigate this from the US, and not try and do it in Portugal itself.

    If you don't speak Portuguese and don't have EU nationality, forget about trying to live there because it isn't going to happen. If you managed to swing EU nationality, then I suggest you get yourself into some kind of Portuguese language class right away and at least learn the basics before you go.

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