What are the basic does and donts of owning a guitar?

I would just like to know because recently I found out the hard way of leaving a guitar in a hot car. I am a beginner guitar player, and no one really told me how to take care of it or what not to do with it, like leaving it in a hot car. I would just like to know what not do with a guitar so I dont end up having to spend more money to fix it againg, or buy a new one. By the way, its acoustic. So any help would be very appreciated.

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  • Jethro
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    8 years ago
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    1. Buy a case.

    2. Buy a stand, if you want.

    3. Clean it everytime after use.

    4. If you aren't gonna use it for a long time (e.g 2 weeks), release tension from the strings (down tune it or take the strings off)

    5. Keep it somewhere where it wont be exposed. Also, keep it in a dry room. You don't want rusty strings and frets.

    Basically thats it.

  • 8 years ago

    1 i would reccomment a guitar stand and case. for the case, i would buy a guitar humidifier. it is only like 6 and it is tiny and works great. what it does, is, in the winter, you store your guitar in your guitar case, and put the humidifier filled with stilled water (i think it is stilled water) and you put the humidifier between the two middle strings (D and G). your guitar need humitity or some of the wood might start to crack. in the summer you sould store it on a stand because in the summer there is already so much humidity, and so it will be fine, ad easier to access on a stand.

    2 dont leave it i a hot car, or a cold room. i mean, if you bring it places, you cant really controll the weather, and tht is fine, just dont store it in too hot or cold places. look at it like this. if you are in a room and it feels too hot or too cold, change it, if you can. but dont be all like "omg! this room is two degrees below my guitars needs!" lol. your guitar should be fine. just, it it is in extremes, that could be a problem

    3 i would reccommend you buy a pick guard, if you dont already have one on your guitar. this is not nessisary, but my guitar came with out a pick guard and it got really scratched up. so i am going to get a pick guard. but you also have to remember your guitar will get little scratches on it and might have little itty bitty cracks in it unless you leave it in a glass case, covered by poofy stuff, and never touch it, which i dont reccommend. :D

    4 dont snap the strings! like dont put your whole finger under the string then let it go, dont do that! pretty self explanitory

    5 if you dont know how to tune, you sould wait until your teacher tells you how and when you feel comfortable, or if you dont have a teacher there are plenty of youtube videos. also, i would recommend a tuner. i am almost done book two, and i still use a tuner. some times what i do is i find the bottom e, then i roughly find the rest. then, is, i think it is the 6th fret, i put my finger on e string 6 fret, then i play a along with it. i tune a to e6. then i do the same. a6 for d. d6 for g, but then it gets diffrent. for g you do g5 ont g6. then you tune b with g5. then you tune top e with b6. it is kind of confusing, but then eventually you get the hand of it.

    i hope this helped! if you have any more Qs, i am pretty sure youtube has it all!


  • Dave M
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    8 years ago

    Get a stand for your guitar, I've heard leaning it against the wall can have detrimental effects over time. Cases are fine for transport but you don't want your guitar in a case under the bed or whatever, you want it somewhere you can just pick it up and play. Then there's temperature, being made of wood it reacts to hot and cold temps so keep it somewhere dry that's not too hot or cold.

  • Lars
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    8 years ago

    Buy a humidified case. Really all you need to do.

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