Caught my 14 year old brother watching hardcore porn?

Alright, I've heard the cliche before, "He's a teenager and it's natural for him to do so". However, my younger brother is not just surfing around the net for some hot booty. It's literally Angel Dark "sharing the load". I clicked on the link and couldn't even bear through the website's surrounding images. I get it, he's a teenage boy so he is bound to do it one day. I just feel that watching hardcore porn at such a young age would mean bad for his moral self as he evolves into an adult. Should I confront him about it? Do I tell him to watch softer porn (lol)?

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  • 8 years ago
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    he is a virgin and wants to not appear so to any girls to be prepared. i did it to.

    soft porn doesn't show female anatomy during penetration when he could think he is hurting her but not etc.

    he is getting over sexual fears so to speak, without experiencing it himself.

    and no it doesnt mean he will keep watching. for me it was one film about 6 times.

    tell him to clear browser history etc if you catch him again you will tell.

    dont give him the ok for soft porn either.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I do not suppose you must have told him that he is not allowed to move on the internet again. I totally doubt that a five yr historical is aware of the best way to navagate Youtube, to get porn. (unless of direction he saw any one else doing it. Ahem, however even then, that is rough to get to.) is this the household laptop, or one for simplest you two to share? If it is a household computer, any individual customarily went to a porn web page and acquired a pandemic, and that's why it keeps shooting up. He used to be going to look it ultimately, and i'm tired of individuals pondering that naked physique components are mistaken! I might alternatively have my baby see a sex scene instead than a individual getting their head chopped off! Every man has a penis, and every lady has a vagina and breats. Get over it. Just right luck, hope I helped.(:

  • Ashley
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    8 years ago

    I most personally believe u should confront him about this as john said, his psyche WILL get messed with by this. It's "normal" to some people. But I believe in honesty and maybe later on he will thank u for this. In my perspective I think u should speak to your parents first before and consider their perspective. Tell them to respect his privacy but also find the correct means of seeking him help. Sex addiction is something very serious and can be easily started at a young age when hormones are at their peak. He is easily aroused & influenced by these things and most likely a friend or cousin,etc. someone got him interested in it. Address the subject lightly :) Best of luck hun!

    Source(s): 17 & a future child & adolescent psychologist :)
  • 8 years ago

    That's actually illegal for him to watch. You have to be over 18. Go on the computer and into settings and block it. My bf did that to his 13 year old brother after his mother had confided in my bf that the child had been watching it (she found in history), now the kid can't access it :D

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  • 8 years ago

    but if you are trying to block or something, it doesnt work at all.... teen boys motivated by sex desire could be AMAZINGLY smart, far smarter than CIAs! they will change browsers, use high speed proxy, use fake identity, or such...

    you gotta talk to him, sincerely....

    Source(s): a late teen boy trying out all the tricks =D and i know well about how smart a teen boy can be !
  • 8 years ago

    i remember you from the ws back in the day.

    bret hart pic with a username referencing hbk and brian kendrick. 3 guys who are not relevant anymore.

    what the **** is your problem? you probably want to have sex with your brother. why else would you be poking your head in to his business? he's 14. 2 more years and he'll be able to have sex legally in most countries and some us states. what are you gonna do then. suck the *** off his penis before he puts it in his girls vagina. you need to get laid seriously dumbass, wtf is your problem? child molesting whore. i hope you get arrested.

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