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PC Gaming: Wired vs Wireless Mouse?

Hey guys. I was just wondering which kind of mouse would be better for gaming. Wired or Wireless. I play many kind of games, HON, Dota 2, MW3, BF3 kinda stuff. I got a big Heroes of Newerth Tournament coming up so I just need the answer. I got a standard wireless mouse and keyboard, Im fine with what I got but it's starting to ware out. So I want to get some gaming gear that has good quality and will last long. I have unlimited budget on the set.

Wired vs Wireless ?? Why??:

Recommend Mouse:

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    When it comes to gaming, especially First Person Shooters, even the slightest bit of latency can be the difference between life and death. I would recommend that a tournament gamer use, and get used to, a high performance gaming mouse and keyboard.

    My current mouse of choice is the Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400. It is wired 400-3600dpi mouse with very minimal (and I mean completely unnoticeable) lag. It has two dpi+/- buttons above and below the scroll wheel to change the sensitivity on the fly. I have noticed an increase in accuracy when targeting in both MMORPG and FPS games.

    It is also completely re-programmable, with the ability to set different profiles for specific games. This way you can have more room for key-bindings without having to constantly change mouse settings in the control panel.

    I hope this helps your in decision.

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    Well, a wireless mouse has disadvantages and advantages,


    Moving freely, going far..


    Sometimes you run out of batteries, and it could be a problem in the middle of the game

    Wired Advantages:

    You'll never run out of batteries of curse


    Disconnect by accident (almost never happens)

    Cable could get stuck something that can make it impossible to move

    Sometimes the cable make the mouse harder to move

    So I'd rather using a wireless mouse (Just my opinion)

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    Source(s): Batteries Suck
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    i would reccomend wired reason i just think its better for gaming :)

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