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Running advice after a month off?

Hello, I've been running for a while now, not the best but decent. I went off for training for a month and I'm back home now. When i first started training I took a pt test and ran a 14:40 (at Seattle) 28 days later(and not being able to run at all) I'm back home and my first run here in NC is a 16:01, in 2 days I got it to a 15:41, then three days after that its around a 15:30. I've only being running a 2 mile route around my neighborhood on the road. Whats the best way to get my time back to where I want it? I'm also suffering lower back pain after about .7 of a mile into my run I feel hinders me some, didn't have that before I left for training.

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    Do not get into too big a hurry, relax, if you are consistent you will be fine.

    It should take a week, or may be two to get back into your previous condition.

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    Take it easy no rush . If you can take two wheels tie it together with a rope and run with it.For your back i will say that someone in your family should give you a massage

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