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Girlfriend lost interest but I want her back, feeling really sad?

So I love my girlfriend but she has lost interest it seems. She doesn't even know if she loved me but says she might still love me but not as much as I love her. She thinks she was dating me because she needed me, she needed someone to support her, to be there for her when she was lonely. She is feminist and well wants to be independent and this was both of our first relationship.

The losing interest is pretty much her supposedly not being able to see us in the future. She doesn't even dream about us, according to her. I asked her what she thought of me, she still finds me cute and thinks I'm a great guy. She thinks we are not right because we have different taste in music and clothing and stuff but we're always happy when we hang out.

Anyways, she is still attracted to me sexually it seems. She wants to be friends with benefits and I plan on going to the movies with her today. She broke up with me, two nights ago and I was pretty sad. I was freakin crying and was depressed in bed. Even now, although I'll see her and stuff, I'm still kinda depressed. I have only one month left with her before she goes off to college, while I attend college in the city.

I want her back. I want to restart the interest. How can I do this? Please help!

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    Wow buddy thats a tough one basically I think she is having trouble thinking around the whole long distance relationship thing and that would be tough shes there your where you are and there are all those guys, and gals that you could have sex with its tough to do. Don't feel bad think of it as an opportunity because you can still have her i.e. "friends with benefits" and still see her because you have to to get the benefits. Just relax whatever happens happens. Enjoy today.

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    Get over it! Pull yourself together and just enjoy the time you have left with her! She'll be gone in a month anyway. And believe it or not, that's probably why she broke up with you, so she could be free when she is off to college. And she did it a month ahead as to soften the blow.

    Or you could be all depressed and not very fun to be around, in which case she may not want to even see you for this last month! You could try to "win" her back, but then she leaves in a month anyway and then you're back to where you are now. So just deal with it now. Put on your happy face and enjoy the time you have left. Once she's gone... it will be time for you to move on and find a new love interest, such is life.

    Perhaps you may even meet a nice girl at the community college you plan to attend.You should be looking forward to the many possibilities that lay before you rather then lamenting the end of this relationship.

    Yeah, it sucks to loose someone you care for, but instead of being all down about it, just remember all the good times and look forward to NEW adventures with others.

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    Probably you're going by way of a tough stage right now and want anyone to speak to. In all probability treat yourself to an ice cream cone or a brand new dog. Anything as a way to cheer you up. Watch certainly one of your favorite baby hood films or probably you simply need to reconnect with the whole thing! Plug all of the cords back in to your head of the entire relationships you have got and with individuals you love. And even stuff you're keen on like baseball or somthing.. Cheer up cuz lifestyles can be k! Chow'

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