Retro Video Game I.D.?

I was going through some of the old video games my friends and I played as kids (1990's) and this triggered a memory of an obscure stunt car type game from around this same time frame. I have no idea what it was called and not sure what system it was for ( probably one of the sega systems, maybe even arcade). It was a 3D stunt car type game where the player needed to navigate a fairly short but rather challenging track, usually with a loop or two. If my memory serves me, I believe the car was either solid red or yellow. The major characteristic that stands out in my mind was the true 3D environment (albeit crude 3D by today's standards) and the difficulty of the game. I know this is very vague but surly someone out there knows what I am talking about. Thanks in advance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Stunt Race FX comes to mind for a "crude 3D racing game", but not sure that it's the one you are talking about.

  • 8 years ago

    crazy taxi maybe but i know what game you are on about I just cannit remember the name go oin google then type 90s car arcade games. I had thousands of games for gameboy ps1 ps2 and another console cant rememmber the name.

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