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What binder is good for 7th grade??!!?

I'm going into jhigh and I have quite a few classes and I was wondering what is a great binder brand that holds up through out the yr and won't break. I have been looking at the five star binders and I hear they r good depending on the type but if u could help me out plz!!

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    Ya big 5* binders are very good. You can find them at staples and walmart. As plastic binders that are thin break easily.

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    Why do no longer you in user-friendly terms supply her a binder that's her sought after colour? by employing the way, I actual have a neon green binder (my sought after colour) and that i'm in seventh grade, another women have bright orange binders, some have neon purple, some have gray, and a few have white.

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    Five Star is good. Generally, the thicker the plastic, the better the binder. Don't skimp on a cheap one. It will probably break.

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