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Law enforcement/Federal Jobs -?

In 2008 , I was arrested for sale of alchohol to a minor at grocery store. I received a misdeamor A on my record. Then, it was reduce to Deferred adjudication . This is the only crime i have ever committed in my life. Do I still have chances to work for law enforcement or federal Job? Also, I have graduate from school with bachelor criminal justice last year having a hard time seek a job.

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    Getting law enforcement officer jobs is becoming more and more competitive. Any red flags can hurt your chances of getting hired. Whether or not you get hired for a law enforcement officer job can depend on many things such as what agency or agencies you apply with, when you apply (your chances of getting hired might increase with time), how many other qualified applicants there are, how well you do on written tests, and how well you do during interviews. Take the best job you can get right now even if it isn't law enforcement related. Maintain an excellent record as an employee to get a good reference later. Continue to do what you can to make yourself the best candidate that you can. For example, consider getting an advanced degree.

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    CIA and FBI are very exclusive, and so is the CIA and the police. CIA is its own seperate entity outside of law enforcement, and does no longer have any legislation enforcement powers inside the states. FBI tends to be specialized into designated crimes, so you would have to decide on. There are many other jobs, similar to DEA, ATF, U.S. Coast defend (sure, they're federal LEO's) , etc. Decide on what u want to concentrate on, and work from there

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    Federal job, no. Best bet is saving money and attending a police academy without sponsorship from a police department and applying directly to sheriff departs or private security firms.

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    You'll never know unless you ask the appropriate people, and Yahoo Answers IS NOT the appropriate people.

    Find an agency that is hiring and submit your application. If they say "NO", then find another agency and apply again. Keep doing that and maybe eventually, you'll find someone who says "YES!"

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    Every department has a recruiter, contact and ask them or shoot them an email.

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