Someone help me please!!?

So I've been w/this guy for 5 months we was friends at first for a year,and I stay w/him every weekend and on thursday I talked to him about coming down and everything was cool it was good than all of a sudden when I was getting rdy to come he said he would meet me ltr because he had to get a hair cut asap,so I say okay do you know what time you will be done no reply,I text him a few hrs later still no reply I call two times no answer I call from other numbers no answer I had no clue as to what happened I didn't have any gut instincts that he was messing w/another girl or doing anything wrong so I didn't let it bother me even though I was pissed to the max!So the next day I asked him what happened n asked if he still wanted to see me no reply I try calling him he don't answer but yet he's tweeting on twitter n saying **** on fb I'm like wtf?I'm just like be a man in he situation say what the **** you want and stop wasting my time...I'm thinking about just breaking up w/him because I'm so through w/all his bs...any advice as to what I should do???

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  • Matt
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    8 years ago
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    Don't do anything. You're just making yourself look needy. It's not an attractive look. Just ignore him and see what happens. If he wants you, he will come and get you.

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