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Is this a good diet for muscle gain?

8:00am: 100g Oatmeal with Semi-Skimmed Milk270ml&4 boiled eggs. 1L of water

9:30am:(Before workout)1 Banana with Weight Gainer

Around 11am(After workout): 1 Banana with Weight Gainer

1:30pm:24 oz steak with buckwheat

5:00pm: 3 cod fillets with brown rice

7:30pm: Grilled chicken with wholewheat pasta OR Sammon OR at 9:00pm 2 peanut butter sandwiches

Before bed: Casein Shake

What u think of my diet? Is it good for muscle growth?

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    Yes! It has a lot of protein and you need them if you wanna gain muscle so yes, it's a very good diet! :)

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