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How long do i have to wait to swim w my tattoo i got on july 4, 2012?

i got a large colored tattoo on my right calf and its been almost a month and i really wanna swim laps..its fully healed (im sure of it) like no more scabs or peeling and i keep putting on aveeno daily moisturizer once-twice a day..but there are no signs of irritation at all and its absorbed fully into the skin now..and has been for about a week and a half now..can i swim laps today? please answer quickly!!!! thank you!!!!

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    It takes a month or more for your body to grow a new protective layer of skin over the ink. It must look and feel like regular skin (close your eyes and touch it), and not hurt when you bump it, and not have a tight feel or slightly itchy. It should not be milky/filmy to look at and not shiny. You must be absolutely sure, and if in doubt, wait 1 week.

    When you do go swimming, put waterproof sunblock on it, and wash it well when you get out and be sure to use a 90+ sunblock and reapply often when exposed to any kind of weather all year round.

    Be absolutely sure.


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    Can you still feel the tattoo above you skin? healing time vary from person to person. at this point you should be OK.

    Source(s): Tattoo artist and studio owner of 25+ years
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    you should not swim for at least 4 weeks after being tattooed. however, it is always wise to consult your artist.

    Source(s): moderately heavily tattooed
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    You should be able to start swimming again two weeks ago.... You dont have to wait nearly that long

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