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I'm sexually attracted to my dad!!!?

Ok first of all, this is completely legitimate. I'm not one of those freaks looking for attention. This is really concerning me and I don't know how to get over these feelings..

So my dad and I are really close. He's 50 and I'm 15. I came out to him (as gay) about two months ago. He handled it extremely well, he accepts it 100%. He's single, he divorced my mom last year, I only see him once a week and because my mom hates him I come to his house to hang out and sometimes I sleep over. We have a very touchy-feely relationship, we'll cuddle on the couch while watching tv, we hug and kiss eachother (on the cheek) goodnight, goodbye, hello, etc... but only recently I've started to get huge sexual feelings towards him. When we hug, I try so hard to keep down my erections. He's just so big and tough that he makes me feel so protected and safe when we hug. Even though he knows I'm gay he still lets me put my legs on his lap when I'm lying down on the couch and he holds them. Just yesterday he asked if I wax my legs and I said yes, then he said "sexy". No, despite his age his not a skinny, frail old man. In fact he's muscular, tan and did I mention tall and buff?? mmmm. Sorry, this sounds fake but I swear to God that this is real, and I believe in God very much. About 2 weeks ago we went down south for a little get away. We ended up staying in a motel where we had to share a bed. I woke up to him spooning me. It was such a hot moment for me, I masturbated without him knowing. Yesterday when he came home from the gym he was complaining about a sore back, so I massaged it for him. He was moaning and it turned me on so bad. I really have the feeling he has the same feelings for me. A couple of weeks ago I caught him (he doesn't know) masturbating, and he was jacking with his hand rapped around my purple undies, rapped around his penis. So yeah... what do you think I should do? Should I confront him? Next time I walk in on him masturbating should I just jump right in and blow him off? If HE DOES have the same feelings, should we have sex?




caraohara - Yeh that was Paris, France. And how has having a dream to live in Paris have anything to do with wanting to have sex with my dad?

Update 2:

johnny - Spooning is when someone hugs someone else from the back whilst lying down.

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    Oh my God.. Honey you need help. I think it's best if you stay away from your Dad as this is not a healthy relationship. He was the one who made you into this world. You should know better.

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    Stay away from him. This is, and sorry to say, never will be a good relationship. That's very creepy and odd. No, even if he has the same feelings, DON'T HAVE DO IT WITH YOUR DAD. That sounds soooo wrong and completely bad. It's not a good thing to be doing AT ALL. Maybe you should just stay at your mom's house more often and not get so touchy with your dad. You need help soon.

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    this is a new one for me, but i think you should talk to a psychiatrist about it. because there are laws and junk that still stand into play on this situation. it may be the fact that your dad is just trying to support your way of life and it seems as if he is interested sexually in you. or maybe he is gay and has not come out and does not know how to come out to you. but never in a million years do i think a parent and child should have sex or anything related to that. believe me it would cause more problems than you know. i think you should get some expert advise for this though. but good luck

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    Sadly ....the Trolls are getting so bad lately imagination / originality .

    Your 15 yrs old ...six months ago you were planning to buy a flat in Paris ....was that Paris France ?

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    I can't help it. I have to ask. What do you mean by him "spooning" you.? I don't mean to sound stupid or anything. But this is a new one for me. And no you shouldn't have sex with your dad. This is one of the worst sin ever. But then again. I am not going to judge you. I am not even near to being holly myself. Please answer about the spooning.

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    love is love, right?

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