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Will you care to read and c/c one new poem of the Greek poet?

Parade drive

Time was when I waited for you - in gale;

among the clouds I returned to share,

the vented blue horizons of solar flare,

cause I had a choice to expand or fail.

And it was a choice we both consented,

one caress - your tips - tender on face,

when fates cared our threads to trace,

for you were my solitude ever extended.

as dusk descended gray upon the moors,

I saw you elevating - upstanding maiden,

a form of sacred above my dark burden,

in river Acheron and my pain that cures.

There were dances with forms diffused,

extended to aboves - expended to skies,

were my spirits - cared death to demise,

eligibly alive I was amid calls bemused.

Wraiths of solitude and horizon's lines,

in paths exclusive, amid paeans I arrive,

with cellars of red shed to parade drive,

where life of eighteen, unfolded shines.

© Giorgio Veneto 07-29-2012, All Rights Reserved


Correction : S4 L3 : "where my spirits - ..."

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    ahh 18, good year. poem is very rythmic.. quite enjoyable.

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    Wow, properly written, i'm hoping to be certain extra can we be waiting to be certain them sail into the sea tides, or i this the chuffed ending:3? Thankyuo for the study might you're taking a while to be certain mine:o

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