Astrology or Numerology?

Does anyone find one to be more accurate than the other? I find Numerology is more straight forward and direct but I'm sure I still have a lot to learn, but with Astrology nothing seems as direct and to the point though that's probably because it's more detailed maybe and I find it a lot more complicated.. I was just wondering if anyone uses both methods or prefers one over the other..a combination of them seems like the right idea but I don't really notice people aknowledging numerology the way they do astrology and I don't really understand why because to me it's just as fascinating... there is not even a numerology section here..not that I'm surprised by that because no one ever really asks what Birth Force or Destiny number you are the way they do with Astro signs when they're trying to get to know you..which to me is silly because I believe both aspects should be considered equally. What do you all think? I'd love opinions and ideas on this subject please and thankyou : ) !!!

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  • Eagle7
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    8 years ago
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    Amazing Question.

    I started studying astrology 9/2009. Overwhelming. I learn fast.

    I started 1 house at a time.

    Much tears for months..... "To thy ownself be true"


    Im sitting in a hottub, out of town with many people. Then only 1 guy.... With a #33 tattoo on his arm!


    Being the smartbutt that I am .... gemini sun, moon sag, scorpio rising, scorpio neptune, gemini mercury,

    I say " are you a 6?" Back & forth we had verbal combat. He turns out to be sun capricorn. He thinks I am stubborn & snotty because I kept stating he is a 6.

    Turns out, he is

    Garythenumbersguy #33 (google his name & read his facebook) wow. He told me about 911 & more.

    Ok he guessed me a 7. By my looks & attitute! He was correct. I am a true 7. Immature & negative then.

    Now od july 2012.... WoW hav I grown up......

    I learn everyday. I help people at no charge. 98% of the time, I am correct with people.

    Here is my belief, opinion.

    When I talk of zodiac to strangers, they disagree with me & I see right through them. They are lying or in denial. Scorpios & Leo Especially. Then Virgo, Aquarius & Capricorn usually try to argue with me. Especially over their Moon signs!!!!

    When I talk about #s, they listen. Numbers interest people....

    I work at a bar for 8 years. You understand my opportunities are unlimited in helping others with issues. Pkus I hav learned NOT TO JUDGE OTHERS......

    I use both.... Always.... I am a positive 7. I am grateful for meeting garythenumbersguy. He gave me help & knowledge for 2 days.

    I have never stopped learning.

    He called me a lone wolf.... Then... Now I strive to be a higher octave Scorpio rising & a Seven Eagle...

    Keep studying.

    Numbers are




    No complications...

    11, 3, 9 people listen carefully to me & never disagree with me.

    5s laugh & 8s love when I say the $money$ word.

    Evens 1s agree with me.

    Is tuff for me to get through to another 7 !!!! two of my sisters are 7. They will not listen to anything I say 98% of tge time & complete 7s.

    I meet several loner lonewolf/broken 7 men... Different age groups... They wont comment on my words about #7.

    Oh well. I plant the seed.

    My name has 7 letters.

    My time of Birth 18:16 (9+7)

    My first name L (upside down 7)

    My apartment I didnot pick #925 (9+7)

    The guy I love #7

    My cats name Zeven lol ...

    I found him on 11_9_2011 (2+9+5) choas. 28° outside. 4 month old CANCER CAT! True...

    His name appropriate !!!

    To name a few.

    Source(s): Keep seeking keep journals... Stay positive. Keep it simple. Know Who u R. Strive for a Higher Octav living. Live in the Now. Gratitute. Love unconditionally & Laugh always (7+7+7 = 3 happiness & peace & serinity)
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There's more depth to astrology and a lot more to learn. It's very detailed, so in that sense I'd go for astrology. Numerology gets straight to the point, usually telling only the basics. I feel I relate more to my birth chart but I can also relate to my life path/expression number etc. so, if they both relate to you, I guess they both can be pretty accurate.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    I find Numerology to be more accurate than Astrology.

    But my Zodiac Sign describes me to a T.

    Astrology has a lot of contradictions.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Take a bank note and seal in a cover.Now ask aNY palmist, astrologer,numerics to tell the serial number of a note in the sealed envelope.If he tells the answer correct, you can believe all these things Otherwise forgwet

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  • Very interesting question! I wish I can answer it but to be honest with you I don't really know that much about numerology .. I wish I can read about it in this section but like u said no one really considers numerology as something important ..

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