What was my dream telling me?

Im not bull shitting this was a dream i actually had. i just woke up from it about 4 minuets ago and i just have to know. im just going to tell the ended part of this dream because it's to long to tell the whole thing. If anybody remembers the talking cat: Tom well i watched a music video about him and his girlfriend singing together, its on youtube, and then i watch an episode of talking friends. this is how my dream ended it was just me and him talking like we have been best friends forever and then he said the unexpected to me. he put his paw on my hand (it felt so real) and he said to me. love will meet you at the pier. i blank my eyes and i woke up. now i thought about saying what pier? we don't have one and i remember yes we do it's down at the beach.i don't know if i should go to the pier right now because what my dream said.

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    8 years ago
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    I think you should go becaus dreams can have great meanings in your life some dreams can hold a message that could change your life and even if nothing happens at the pier today it might in the future you never know. But anyway you should go because you don't know whats out there unless you try.

  • 8 years ago

    If you like spotting ships, do you like the pier for that? It could mean you love doing that.

    But even so, it probably isn't general piers, literally.

    What's a pier? It is a walkway off the beach into the ocean of your expansive and fluid nature where love is.

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