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What should I do, related to Harry Potter, with word?

I recently downloaded a load of new fonts, and most of them are from Harry Potter. I am addicted to Harry Potter, and I want to make a few things on microsoft word that are related to anything Potter-ish. For example, I have already made a couple of O.W.L certificates, so something like that. Any ideas are welcomed, I have loads of fonts so that wont be a problem. Thanks!

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    Owl certificates

    NEWT certificates

    Letters of Acceptance

    Marauder's Map (if you are getting very creative!)

    Maybe the front cover of The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore

    A Daily Prophet Page

    Yule Ball Invitations

    Book list letters

    Prefect acceptance letters

    RAB's letter

    Book covers for their schoolbooks (The Monster Book of Monsters, Defensive Magical Theory, Magical Herbs and Fungi etc)

    Umbridge's educational decrees (Educational decree 978798.... if you can think of enough ideas!)

    Career pamphlets (like in the OOTP before they get careers advice they sort through pamphlets)

    And the list goes on... :D

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    Haha. I genuinely have in no way observed that. i like Harry Potter yet i'm greater of a plot/ character lover as a replace of obsessive little element kinda person. It in simple terms boils right down to the top besides. the two way, I definitely do no longer understand the respond on your question. No on does! we at the instant are not J.ok Rowling!

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    Maybe make an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, yule ball invitations, Or that map from the 3rd movie. Forgot the name lol.

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