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My oscar fish is shaking and breathing hard! ?

I woke up to turn on the lights and heard a weird sound. I turned it on and my new oscar is breathing hard (like opening mouth all the way open) but then he shook real bad and again and again. It looks like he's having a seizure/heart attack. There is no way this is acclimating right?


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  • Robert
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    8 years ago
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    Fish breathing hard are often reacting to ammonia in the water. Test your water chemistry Asap. Oscars can have Hexamita (hole-in-the head disease) which needs to be treated with 250 mg/10 gallons of water. However, Hexamita doesn't cause seizures in young Oscars and only if it is an advanced, incurable case.

    The only natural reason for the fish shaking is a mating behavior common to Oscars, but obviously not the case with yours. If yours is under 6 inches, it doesn't have bad Hexamita, and I would quarantine it and treat it with erythromycin (maracyn) which is the antibiotic most likely to cure an unknown illlness.

    Source(s): Robert Price, Phd, Ichthyology, Board of Directors, Brooklyn Aquarium Society
  • Kim
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    5 years ago

    If you have nitrite in your water then your tank has not fully cycled yet. Oscars, even small ones put a much higher load on the filter than most common fish, so ammonia and nitrite will build up quickly in an uncycled tank. Keep doing the large water changes (50%) as often as needed untill the nitrite level comes down. A little aquarium salt may also help to reduce the effects of the nitrite. You probably need do do more than 10% water changes even once the tank settles down, but just test for Nitrates and change as needed. But the long term solution is to let the filter cycle properly. Ian

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