I played on JV field hockey last year, do you think I have the chance of getting into varsity this fall?

I am a rising junior and only played field hockey competitively for one year (last year on the JV team at my school). I was one of the best on the team but only because most of my teammates were beginners. I was invited to go to preseason for Varsity field hockey this fall. I've been working out and practising on my skills and techniques, but I live in a place with very few facilities and open grass spaces. How do you think I should practice for preseason and do you think I have a chance of getting in?

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  • morgan
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    8 years ago
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    There's certainly chance for you to get in. You will need to practice daily; try asking your coaches for things you can do. Improving your skills are critical to getting onto the varsity team. But there's another side to making the team: your physical ability. How fast are you? How strong are you? How agile are you? Field hockey requires you to be able to change direction, move rapidly and be tougher than your opponents. You need to spend an hour a day working out in he weight room, focused on lower body and core strength, and also practice sprinting up hills.

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