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Bodybuilding program for 16 skinny male teen?

Hey there, I'm 6 ft tall and I weigh 141 pounds. I know I'm still growing, cause I was a late bloomer.

I do sports quite often, and I eat alot. I have gained some weight, but I want to gain mass! I'm openminded , but I don't know anything about bodybuilding. Is there some type of program, with workout schedules and tips etc.? Do you have any ideas for workout plans and schedules?

Thanks alot!

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    Yes, there is a great program for beginners named "Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength".

    It features all the heavy compound lifts, e.g. Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Overheard Press, and Rows.

    If you follow the program correctly you can gain a huge amount of strength and mass in a short period.

    You should google more about it, and buy the book from Amazon if you want to try it.

    Additionally, there are other good weightlifting routines available. I recommend you visit - there is a lot of good information on there on the forums.

    Good luck.

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    ok first of all you will desire to eat maximum appropriate. eat MEAT. and alot of it. drink milk..confident it facilitates! lol . ok and with regard to the artwork out, do no longer USE THE wellbeing middle! ALl u would desire to do is get some weights interior the abode and raise them precise well-known a minimum of 5 situations an afternoon. Then each and every morning do a minimum of 10 push-united statesand maximum appropriate before mattress. and it would sound complicated yet in weeks its wont be no longer something if accomplished precise. additionally whilst it variety of feels to ordinary, then do 15 push-united statesand so on. properly desire u get enhanced. and eat

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    Did you know that cutting back on calories and specific meals literally destroys any unwanted fat burning capability our bodies?

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